The Empty Buddy Belly

My Hubs, John, is so smaht… We just realized our Buddy (Mr Budro, Buddy Boo), the wirehaired dachshund, has started sneaking food from little Rudi, which explains why he is rapidly becoming Buddy Blimp again. It’s a matter of some concern, since dachshunds are especially prone to “the love that kills” i.e. overfeeding – and gaining […]

Midnight Revenge of the Mutant Canine Zombies…

Every now and then I decide it’s time to get some new pictures of our pups.  Unfortunately, my photography skills are not exactly spectacular. This is titled: “Mr Budro, practicing for his starring role in ‘Midnight Revenge of the Mutant Canine Zombies from Across the River in the Dirty Lew’… If you’re not from Lewiston-Auburn, “the […]

Hatchet Murderers After the Dogs? Nahhhh.

Dear Neighbors in our Homeowners Association, I know that what with the howling, squealing and frantic noises being emitted by our 3 dogs that you could mistakenly believe we are hatchet murdering them, or dismembering each one slowly and methodically. However, I assure you, this is not the case.  There is no need to track […]

Happy Birthday, Mr Budro

Happy 11th birthday, Mr Budro!  (Buddy, Buddy Boo, the Budster). Eight years ago, John adopted you via a rescue organization after you’d spent most of the first three years of your life in a crate, emotionally and physically abandoned every day by the two women who had brought you home with the broken promise to […]

When Your Dog Makes a Terrible Mistake – The Death of an Endangered Bird in Scarborough

“Dog owners in Scarborough could have to keep their dogs on leashes at all times, this after an endangered Piper [sic] Plover was killed.” This was a post on Facebook Friday morning, August 9th, which generated 3 dozen comments from people, both for and against a ban on unleashed dogs on the beach. The background […]

The Good News Is, I Found My Ball.

This is our Millie. (Miss Intensity, Miss Millie Mouse). We think she’s a Kelpie; but since we adopted her last October from Maine Lab Rescue, which pulled her from a high kill Georgia shelter, we don’t have any background on her. All we know is that she is the BEST… and is also the most […]

Bowser is still looking for his forever home. He almost had a meet and greet a few days ago, but the family’s schedule is too busy and unsettled until school starts up again, and it was decided he should be available for the family that is looking for him right now, not a month or […]