Rudi… Whatever You’re Doing, Stop It Right Now!

Text my dog

(Illustration above found on Facebook.)

I can’t say I’ve thought of texting our pups, but I suppose that’s merely a function of my age.  Calling, yes.

We both work from home so are pretty much with the dogs all the time, except when there are outside appointments or meetings to attend.   Usually those meetings are just across town, so we might only be gone for an hour or two.

Sometimes, however, we might have to take a drive down to Portland (about a two hour round trip) or even to Bangor (which is two hours in each direction).

On those occasions we feel pretty guilty when Mr Budro, Rudi Roo and Miss Millie Mouse are left home alone, and we make up various scenarios as to what they’re doing to keep themselves amused.  Buddy is dreaming of his next meal… that’s always uppermost in his mind.

Millie is definitely reliving all of the many times she’s chased her ball down, or caught it in mid air.

No troubles from those two.

But our little monster Rudi.. well, we’re convinced he’s on the internet, buying toys with a credit card he’s swiped from one of us.

And that’s what makes us want to call them and check in.  Not so much for Millie and Buddy, but because we absolutely know that no matter how cute he is, Rudi is getting into trouble somehow.  And even though we don’t know exactly what kind of trouble it is, we want him to stop.  Now.

Rudi reminds me of Jimmy, a little boy I once heard about in our local grocery store.  Never saw him, but I heard about him.  Eight words from his mother was all it took to capture a great snapshot of Jimmy…

Pushing my cart through the Auburn Hannaford, I turned a corner into a new aisle and noticed a young woman deep in thought as she was comparing brands of something or other.  As it was pretty early in the morning, we were the only ones in the aisle.  Suddenly, she straightened up, looked all around her with an almost desperate air, and shouted, “Jimmy!  Whatever you’re doing, stop it right now!”

I never did see Jimmy, but Mom obviously knew her kid and immediately headed off, looking for the wayward child.

That’s our Rudi.  Whatever he’s doing, he should stop it right now because almost certainly he’s getting in trouble.

And that’s why we want to call our dogs when we’re not at home.

Not because we miss them.  Nothing like that.


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