Happy 8th Birthday, Ingrid!


Ingrid in Los Angeles

Ingrid is a miniature long haired dachshund who was born in Maine and lived with us for two years while my daughter was finishing college at Skidmore.

My husband  John and daughter Jessamyn brought Ingrid home from a small backyard breeder of dachshunds.  Already full-grown at that point and apparently neither show nor breeding quality, she didn’t seem to fit well with either the breeder or the other dogs in the house – and was kind of lost in a noisy household of too many other animals and humans.  John and Jess were thrilled to pay the small fee and rescue her into a family where she would be well loved, and treated like the diva we soon learned she was.

At the time, Jess was taking a semester break from college and the two of them – girl and dog – bonded fiercely.  However, in a few months, Jess returned to finish college, leaving Ingrid with us.  Although Ingrid loved John and me (especially John; I was always 3rd best in her little doggie hierarchy), the tiny pup watched by the window every day for her girl to come home.

Luckily, college was only in upstate New York, a 5.5 hour drive from where we live in Maine, and Ingrid’s watchfulness and waiting were frequently rewarded. Although she was never one of those dogs who’d turn herself inside out with excitement when her people came home, it was abundantly clear how happy and relieved she was when Jess’s little Honda landed in our driveway.

After Jess graduated college, she eventually moved to the Los Angeles area and sadly (for us) took Ingrid with her, where the pup has happily become a California sun dog, with adventures that have included multiple trips to Malibu Beach, walks through North Hollywood, a trip to the Grand Canyon, and other wonderful puppy fun.

Grand Canyon Ingrid Driving

Ingrid leaving the Grand Canyon

Jessamyn & Ingrid in the Water

Ingrid at Malibu Beach

Ingrid 01 20 12

Ingrid in Los Angeles


Ingrid in North Hollywood

We miss the tiny girl as we only see her about once a year, but are so happy that she’s part of a wonderful little family that includes Jessamyn, her fiance Josh, and Samson, a chiweenie (chihuahua/dachshund mix), who was rescued from the side of the Los Angeles Expressway.  (Ingrid could do without Samson, but tolerates him.  That is, unless she thinks another animal at the dog park is bothering Sam, at which point she’ll charge the offender, no matter how much bigger than her he may be.  She has no sense of her tiny size in comparison with other dogs!)

Jess & Josh

Happy birthday, little Ingridmonkey!

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