On Early Morning Arthritis, Barking Dogs and Coffee

Argh… cussed dogs.

I slept in until 6:00 this morning (instead of our usual 4:00; the Hubs is still asleep – lucky guy).

My body is always stiff when I wake up and takes at least half an hour to get moving; it’s been this way for maybe a couple of decades I think, which would go back to my late thirties.

The longer I sleep, the worse it is, so a night like last night when I got nearly 8 hours of sleep means I can barely move for quite some time… picture antique granny Linda hobbling along.  (Ordinarily, I’m sort of a whirlwind of energy… it’s just that early morning arthritic stiffness.)

The pups – even Mr Budro, who in dog years is considerably older than I – have no such issues.  The minute I stir, they’re awake and bouncing around.  And have to go out.  NOW!!

It’s a long, very slow two flights of stairs down to the back deck with enclosed puppy pasture.  The only stops are to throw on my big white fluffy bathrobe and a pair of ratty shoes, and – most importantly – to hit the “On” button on the coffee pot.

At the door to the back deck, I stop to pick up Rudi, the knuckleheaded little thief.  The other two will go directly to the puppy pasture, or sometimes Millie will run down to the woods that consist of our back yard, but Rudi can’t be trusted.  He’s small, he’s quick and he can escape in a nanosecond.  So he gets carried to the pen.

Buddy and Rudi do their usual rush-the-gate-and-up-the-hill thing… and immediately both launch into barking frenzies, bouncing at one spot on the other end of the pen, then running up and down along the fencing.  Picture The Cowardly Lion: “let me at ’em, let me at ’em”.   (Bud shortly grows bored and squats to do his business, so at least that’s one less voice in the otherwise still morning air.)

Millie, at 42 pounds, who is of herding dog stock and is pure muscle and an alpha female, pivots and rushes the area from the outside of the fence.  She launches into a major barking frenzy and then races into the gloom, to the gods only know where.

Clearly, our domain has been invaded by some creature they don’t approve of.  It probably wasn’t a squirrel because of the level of fury they’re expressing, so my suspicion is a fox or a skunk has been wandering the area.  Long gone, I hope.

Anyway, it’s 6:10 in the morning, the neighborhood WAS asleep, and I’m standing there still barely able to move.  Yelling at the dogs to shut up.  Probably making more noise than they are.

Great.  Yippee.  Wonderful.

We should probably invest some time and energy into getting the dogs trained, I s’pose…

On the other hand, I’m now settled onto the couch in my home office, with my laptop and a large mug of Starbucks that’s almost finished.  And the pups have gone back to sleep, along with the Hubs.

Ahhhh.  Quiet.


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