And Off He Goes….


I swear Rudi is gonna be the death of me. He’s the littlest monster dog… always doing something to get in trouble. And he did it again this morning.  (Rudi is a “schnoxie” – a dachshund/mini Schnauzer mix – and has the stubbornness & curiosity of the dachshund breed coupled with the energy of a terrier.  A rather difficult combination.  Good thing he’s cute and loves me with a passion.)

It started out normally – I took the three dogs out this morning at about 5:00, and Buddy decided to wake up the neighborhood by barking.  Millie, who’d headed around to the back of the house, heard him, and barked from the woods.  Rudi then joined the chorus.  Yippee.  Sorry, neighborhood.

Herding them all in to the house isn’t usually a big deal. Neither the Budster nor Millie have to be leashed since they’re pretty good about following commands, even though Miss Mouse does tend to race through the neighborhood as fast as her Kelpie legs will carry her.  Rudi-Monster, however, cannot be trusted.  He must be leashed at all times.

Just inches from the front door, during the stage when Rudi is unleashed from the dog run on the front lawn, the little twerp bolted.

(Because of the swing accident a couple of days ago, I’m moving very slowly.  In addition to a right arm that doesn’t have full range of motion, I now have lower back pain.  And lucky me, I have a very snotty cold… As I was trying to open the front door to bring them back in the house, which took longer than usual, Rudi saw his chance and off he went.)

Even though he headed in towards the woods, which scares me because we do have a marten and big owls out there (and a bobcat was seen a few months ago), he also could have doubled back and run through our neighbors’ lawns… all of which have azaleas blossoming which means bees, which means our tiny little Knucklehead will chase them and maybe get stung again, and die of anaphylactic shock on someone’s lawn… A very real scenario given the bee sting scare of last week.  (Rudi likes to chase bees and kill them, which horrifies me.  Last week, he got stung internally and went into what the vet called “cardiovascular collapse”.)

So here I was, snotty-sick, and stiff & painful, with every worst case scenario running through my head, dragging myself and my tissues through our neighbors yard and into the woods.  Crying because when one doesn’t feel well, all the terrible bad things that can happen seem totally imminently real.

I finally woke John up around 5:20 or so (poor guy) because it was too exhausting (the way I’m feeling right now) to keep trying to check out the front of the house, and then go downstairs to the back deck.

Sure enough though… The ornery annoying little creature that is the Rudi Roo Monster came bounding back across a neighbor’s lawn, as though he owned the world. Cussed little stinker… don’t you know how dangerous it is out there?

Sigh… that’s my Rudi.

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