You know how dogs get all excited when you take out their snacks, or put on your shoes, or get out their leashes?

When I get up in the morning, my dogs don’t move as I head into the bathroom. But the minute – the very minute – I start unraveling the toilet paper, they are up and bouncing around!

Gotta love ’em. Sheesh.


In memory of my beloved husband John K Snyder… 20 Sept 1956 – 21 Oct 2016, and all of the dogs and other critters we loved over the years.

Johnny and I were 7th grade sweethearts but broke up and after high school, had 30 year marriages to others.  Through a weird coincidence we were reunited, and after a challenging start (he had a serious industrial accident, among other things), we were married in September 2008.

As serious animal lovers and advocates – especially for dogs – we were involved in a number of animal-related events and activities that included fostering a dozen or so rescues one year, until little Rudi was hurt by a couple of rambunctious beagles (they didn’t mean to), and developed such anxiety when a new dog came home that we had to stop fostering.

Buddy, the adorable little wire-haired dachshund seen in the photos, was John’s dog.  Oh how they loved each other!  Buddy was old, and died shortly before his 15th birthday, just a few months after his Johnny did.

Millie was the second dog we fostered through one of the rescues. When she came to us, she’d just spent a month on death row in a Georgia shelter (the shelter thought the rescue was coming back in a few days for her so decided not to euthanize her… but it was a whole month, and the rescue thought they’d already killed her… it was sheer luck that she survived).  When we got her, her eyes were yellow with fear, but she immediately attached herself to me and wouldn’t let go.  So I didn’t, either.

Now instead of the five of us, it’s just Millie, Rudi and me.  And every day we honor the memory of those we’ve loved who are gone far too soon.

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