A Random Morning-Thunder-Ball Post about Miss Millie Mouse

It’s been raining a lot here in Maine… seems it’s been practically non-stop since the middle of May.And when it rains, we often have very loud thunderstorms. And when we have very loud thunderstorms, Miss Millie turns into Miss Mouse… Our beautiful, pure muscle, I-will-guard-and-protect-my-tribe-with-every-ounce-in-me, alpha female is afraid of the noise. When Millie moved in with us, […]

The Good News Is, I Found My Ball.

This is our Millie. (Miss Intensity, Miss Millie Mouse). We think she’s a Kelpie; but since we adopted her last October from Maine Lab Rescue, which pulled her from a high kill Georgia shelter, we don’t have any background on her. All we know is that she is the BEST… and is also the most […]