Barking His Fool Head Off – Waiting for Johnny

Mr Budro’s getting old, and sometimes we think he has a little dementia going on. The other day he lifted his leg and peed on his own bed…. he’s never done that before, and certainly isn’t making a habit of it, so who knows what that was all about… When John’s out of the house, […]

Social Impoliteness with Dogs – Part One.

When one has dogs… I’d hoped to sleep in until at least 6:00 this morning, and sometimes the three dogs are good about letting that happen.  Millie – the smartest and most polite of the three – is, however, also the least patient about morning sleep-ins.  You see, she knows that every new day brings […]

Don’t let an old dog throw you.

Mr Budro (a Wire-haired Dachshund) is getting to be an old dog. He turned 11 last month and is 4-5 pounds over weight.  He is very set in his ways…what time he gets up (7am), what time he puts himself to bed (9pm), what time he eats (7am, noon snack and 5pm) and exactly what […]

Noodle – Or, Mr Budro Is One Persistent Pup

Dinnertime.  Always a source of great excitement in our house, even back when we only had two dogs.  (Now we have three of our own, and usually have a foster pup as well.  Twice the dogs; four times the mealtime fun.) I filled the dog water bowl as I always do first, then started preparing […]

The Empty Buddy Belly

My Hubs, John, is so smaht… We just realized our Buddy (Mr Budro, Buddy Boo), the wirehaired dachshund, has started sneaking food from little Rudi, which explains why he is rapidly becoming Buddy Blimp again. It’s a matter of some concern, since dachshunds are especially prone to “the love that kills” i.e. overfeeding – and gaining […]

Midnight Revenge of the Mutant Canine Zombies…

Every now and then I decide it’s time to get some new pictures of our pups.  Unfortunately, my photography skills are not exactly spectacular. This is titled: “Mr Budro, practicing for his starring role in ‘Midnight Revenge of the Mutant Canine Zombies from Across the River in the Dirty Lew’… If you’re not from Lewiston-Auburn, “the […]

Happy Birthday, Mr Budro

Happy 11th birthday, Mr Budro!  (Buddy, Buddy Boo, the Budster). Eight years ago, John adopted you via a rescue organization after you’d spent most of the first three years of your life in a crate, emotionally and physically abandoned every day by the two women who had brought you home with the broken promise to […]