Dogs Are For Life

Yesterday, I gave John’s keyboard and everything that goes with it to my son-in-law who is also a keyboardist. When I loaded the hand made, very expensive, cherry music stand into the car, I noticed that one of the legs had been damaged. It took me a bit to realize that it clearly had been […]

Rudi… Whatever You’re Doing, Stop It Right Now!

(Illustration above found on Facebook.) I can’t say I’ve thought of texting our pups, but I suppose that’s merely a function of my age.  Calling, yes. We both work from home so are pretty much with the dogs all the time, except when there are outside appointments or meetings to attend.   Usually those meetings […]

The Fostering Dilemma…

We love having foster pups, but little Rudi seems to be having a hard time with them. He got hurt by one that was a little too rambunctious last year (ended up with back sprain/strain) and ever since has been cautious and anxious, even when he wants to play – and even when the new […]