And Off He Goes….

I swear Rudi is gonna be the death of me. He’s the littlest monster dog… always doing something to get in trouble. And he did it again this morning.  (Rudi is a “schnoxie” – a dachshund/mini Schnauzer mix – and has the stubbornness & curiosity of the dachshund breed coupled with the energy of a terrier. […]

Social Impoliteness with Dogs – Part One.

When one has dogs… I’d hoped to sleep in until at least 6:00 this morning, and sometimes the three dogs are good about letting that happen.  Millie – the smartest and most polite of the three – is, however, also the least patient about morning sleep-ins.  You see, she knows that every new day brings […]

Noodle – Or, Mr Budro Is One Persistent Pup

Dinnertime.  Always a source of great excitement in our house, even back when we only had two dogs.  (Now we have three of our own, and usually have a foster pup as well.  Twice the dogs; four times the mealtime fun.) I filled the dog water bowl as I always do first, then started preparing […]

A Random Morning-Thunder-Ball Post about Miss Millie Mouse

It’s been raining a lot here in Maine… seems it’s been practically non-stop since the middle of May.And when it rains, we often have very loud thunderstorms. And when we have very loud thunderstorms, Miss Millie turns into Miss Mouse… Our beautiful, pure muscle, I-will-guard-and-protect-my-tribe-with-every-ounce-in-me, alpha female is afraid of the noise. When Millie moved in with us, […]

Naming a Dog Blog

Several people have commented on how I can take a perfectly ordinary situation with the dogs, and write a post that’s funny and interesting to read. So, I figured, what the heck. I’d start a Dog Blog. Except “The Dog Blog” is already taken. So is “The Good Dog Blog”, “The Bad Dog Blog”, “The […]