Happy Thanksgiving!

It was quite a chore to get the three of them to sit still and look at me.  Miss Millie Mouse was not a happy camper, although probably less annoyed than it appears in this picture. Here are some of the other shots from the photo session: Advertisements

The Fostering Dilemma…

We love having foster pups, but little Rudi seems to be having a hard time with them. He got hurt by one that was a little too rambunctious last year (ended up with back sprain/strain) and ever since has been cautious and anxious, even when he wants to play – and even when the new […]

Greta: Updated Observations on a Foster Pup

Little Greta wasn’t adopted today. Her forever family must not have known that she was waiting for them. Poor puppy… she’s looking for her people. In the meantime, we’ll have to do. Here are our observations on this great pup. Greta update: Food & Weight. She gets fed her dog food twice a day (7am […]

A Random Morning-Thunder-Ball Post about Miss Millie Mouse

It’s been raining a lot here in Maine… seems it’s been practically non-stop since the middle of May.And when it rains, we often have very loud thunderstorms. And when we have very loud thunderstorms, Miss Millie turns into Miss Mouse… Our beautiful, pure muscle, I-will-guard-and-protect-my-tribe-with-every-ounce-in-me, alpha female is afraid of the noise. When Millie moved in with us, […]

Happy Birthday, Mr Budro

Happy 11th birthday, Mr Budro!  (Buddy, Buddy Boo, the Budster). Eight years ago, John adopted you via a rescue organization after you’d spent most of the first three years of your life in a crate, emotionally and physically abandoned every day by the two women who had brought you home with the broken promise to […]

The Good News Is, I Found My Ball.

This is our Millie. (Miss Intensity, Miss Millie Mouse). We think she’s a Kelpie; but since we adopted her last October from Maine Lab Rescue, which pulled her from a high kill Georgia shelter, we don’t have any background on her. All we know is that she is the BEST… and is also the most […]