Rudi… Whatever You’re Doing, Stop It Right Now!

(Illustration above found on Facebook.) I can’t say I’ve thought of texting our pups, but I suppose that’s merely a function of my age.  Calling, yes. We both work from home so are pretty much with the dogs all the time, except when there are outside appointments or meetings to attend.   Usually those meetings […]

Hatchet Murderers After the Dogs? Nahhhh.

Dear Neighbors in our Homeowners Association, I know that what with the howling, squealing and frantic noises being emitted by our 3 dogs that you could mistakenly believe we are hatchet murdering them, or dismembering each one slowly and methodically. However, I assure you, this is not the case.  There is no need to track […]

Happy Birthday, Mr Budro

Happy 11th birthday, Mr Budro!  (Buddy, Buddy Boo, the Budster). Eight years ago, John adopted you via a rescue organization after you’d spent most of the first three years of your life in a crate, emotionally and physically abandoned every day by the two women who had brought you home with the broken promise to […]