Dogs Are For Life

Yesterday, I gave John’s keyboard and everything that goes with it to my son-in-law who is also a keyboardist. When I loaded the hand made, very expensive, cherry music stand into the car, I noticed that one of the legs had been damaged. It took me a bit to realize that it clearly had been […]

And Off He Goes….

I swear Rudi is gonna be the death of me. He’s the littlest monster dog… always doing something to get in trouble. And he did it again this morning.  (Rudi is a “schnoxie” – a dachshund/mini Schnauzer mix – and has the stubbornness & curiosity of the dachshund breed coupled with the energy of a terrier. […]

On Early Morning Arthritis, Barking Dogs and Coffee

Argh… cussed dogs. I slept in until 6:00 this morning (instead of our usual 4:00; the Hubs is still asleep – lucky guy). My body is always stiff when I wake up and takes at least half an hour to get moving; it’s been this way for maybe a couple of decades I think, which […]

Barking His Fool Head Off – Waiting for Johnny

Mr Budro’s getting old, and sometimes we think he has a little dementia going on. The other day he lifted his leg and peed on his own bed…. he’s never done that before, and certainly isn’t making a habit of it, so who knows what that was all about… When John’s out of the house, […]

Happy 8th Birthday, Ingrid!

Ingrid in Los Angeles Ingrid is a miniature long haired dachshund who was born in Maine and lived with us for two years while my daughter was finishing college at Skidmore. My husband  John and daughter Jessamyn brought Ingrid home from a small backyard breeder of dachshunds.  Already full-grown at that point and apparently neither […]

Dog Poops… They have Their Own Little Rituals (for serious dog owners only)

When parents of little kids get together, they talk about all sorts of things… milestones, funny things the kids have said, health concerns, you name it. When parents of dogs get together, they talk about all sorts of things… milestones, funny things the pups have done, health concerns, you name it… and poop.   For […]